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3883Weavers Arms, Market Place ...

Note the 'OBJ' and 'Dutton's House' signs over the door.

3884Field Day Parade, Market Place ...

Note the old signage on the Dog Inn and the side entrance door to the vault, which has recently been reinstated.

3885Field Day Parade, Market Place ...10DS11EUnknown1950s
3886Field Day Parade, Market Place ...10DS11FUnknown1950s
3887Field Day Parade, Market Place ...

In front of the Palace Cinema.

3888Bond Minicar, 1948 ...

The former Fire Station at 43 Berry Lane is of national significance, especially in the motoring world, as the birth place of the Bond Minicar.  In the 1940’s, the prototype of this famous ‘shopping car’ was developed by Laurence ‘Lawrie’ Bond in a first floor workshop in the ‘Towneley Works’, a building behind 43 Berry Lane - and had to be lowered out of the window when completed!  Lawrie had been an aircraft designer during the war, later moving his company to Longridge and building small racing cars before coming up with the concept of this small ‘shopping car’.  The Minicar was never manufactured in Longridge - production would have been impossible in these small premises, where it is believed Lawrie lived with his wife as well as running his workshop. A Preston firm, Sharp's, made the car for Lawrie and soon bought the design and manufacturing rights from him.

This photograph is taken on Towneley Road - with Lawrie Bond on the left and Alan Pearson, who went on to work for Sharp's, on the right.