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Entry Found Thumbnail Title entry Article Catalog Ref Photographer Photo Date
3821 Whittingham Hospital, Male Nurses Male nurses in the hospital grounds in the 1950s. 11JR07A Unknown 1950s
3822 Whittingham Hospital, Male Nurses 11JR07B Unknown 1950s
3823 Whittingham Military Band Whittingham Military Band on Whit Wednesday 1938 passing the Stags Head PH. The leader of the band was Frank David of Woodland Grove, Whittingham. The band used to have regular Sunday concerts, played at dances, pantaomimes and athletic events. Frank later turned professional. 11JR07C Unknown 1938
3824 Open Day at the Lawns, Whittingham Hospital Open Day at the Lawns, which was the Superintendents residence in the grounds of Whittingham Hospital. 11JR07D Unknown Unknown
3825 WW1 Parade Do you know anyone on this photo of local WW1 recruits?  11IP13A Unknown c1914
3826 WW1 Soldiers Do you know anyone in this group of local recruits? 11IP13B Unknown c1914
3827 Lollypop Lady Presentation to Martha Marsden at St Wilfrids School for her long service as the lollypop lady. 11MM10A Unknown Early 1970s
3828 Lollypop Lady Martha Marsden with school children. 11MM10B Unknown Early 1970s
3829 Wellbrow Farm 11DH11K Derek Hicks c1960
3830 Old Dilworth Lower Reservoir 11DH11L September 2001